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Occasionally you will want to update your WordPress theme to the latest version. Although WordPress does offer a one-click update feature for included themes, some commercial themes do not allow for one-click updates. The following instructions will guide you through the process of updating your theme using the cPanel account.


In order to update your theme you will need the updated theme files. They are usually compressed in a file archive called a ZIP file.


Example WordPress Theme ZIP file:

Child Themes

It is highly recommended to use a child theme. A child theme allows you to make changes to the theme while still preserving your theme’s look and functionality. Child themes allow you to keep customization separate from parent theme functions. Using a child theme lets you upgrade the parent theme without affecting the customizations you’ve made to your site.

Steps to update your WordPress theme using cPanel

You can update your WordPress theme using the cPanel account. cPanel is a web based hosting control panel for managing your website hosting account. Basically, cPanel is where a user can control the back-end of their website. 

1- Open the cPanel login page.

You can access your cPanel account by typing your domain name followed by ‘/cpanel’.


Example cPanel Login URL:


Enter your login username and password provided. If you don’t have your cPanel login, please submit a support ticket and we will provide you with your cPanel account username and password.



2- Go to File Manager > public_html > wp-content > themes directory.

This is where the theme files are stored. You will be able to see all the themes that have been previously installed on your site.

3- Upload the zip file to the themes directory.

Next, you will upload the theme ZIP file to the WordPress theme directory. Click on the ‘Upload’ Icon in the Navigation bar, browse for the file and upload it in the directory.

4- Extract the zip file.

Select the zip file, Click on the ‘Extract’ Icon present in the navigation bar, go through the options and extract the zip file. When you extract the zip file, the extracted files will overwrite the existing theme files.

5- Check the theme in dashboard.

Our work is done at cPanel. Go back to the WordPress Dashboard.

Navigate to Appearance > Themes. The uploaded theme will now be visible there.


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