RWS Sites: API powered Microsites and Landing Pages for Real Estate Lead Capture

  • Sunday, 18th September, 2022
  • 09:05am

Stylish and Mobile-Friendly Websites focused on Capturing Leads

Easily create microsites and landing pages focused on generating buyer and seller leads. The RWS Sites include IDX-integration for automatic feed of property data. In addition, API powered microsites are fully integrated with our CRM. Personal websites can be provided to each agent within the brokerage, perfect for agents looking for a low cost website solution.

Manage your sites directly from the RWS Dashboard. Easily add, edit and adjust text on the fly. User-friendly photo uploader allows you to easily add your own images. The template color change option enables you to customize the site color and match your brokerage's brand colors.

IDX Search Site

This powerful marketing tool allows you to direct your customers to a mobile-friendly website with integrated IDX search. Visitors can easily and quickly search for properties, it's the perfect tool to attract buyers. The site includes lead capture tools to convert visitors into leads and is fully integrated with the RWS Dashboard. Read More »



Buyer Landing Page

The Buyer Landing Page is focused on capturing leads for specific niches like neighborhoods and property types. The objective of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads. Landing pages can be created for specific locations/neighborhoods therefore producing more conversions and better quality leads. Read More »



Seller Landing Page

The Seller Landing Page is focused on attracting seller leads and offers potential sellers a free home valuation. The Seller Landing Page is specially tailored to convert visitors into leads by capturing information like name, email, phone and property address. The landing page is designed to work and look great on any device. Read More »



Single Property Site

Single Property Sites showcases individual listings in style. Built with responsive design, this IDX-integrated site allows you to easily add your branding elements. With its photo slideshows, property descriptions, location maps and more, the Single Property Site is the perfect design for promoting your individual listings. Read More »


Easily Manage and Customize your RWS Sites

Agents can create and manage multiple sites all in one place using the RWS Dashboard. The Manage Sites page will display a table list of all your sites. Simply click the Edit button for the site you would like to manage.

Site Editor

You can easily modify your site using the Site Editor. The Site Editor is organized into 3 tabs; settings, options, and content. Sites are intended to be easily customizable to allow for quick changes and a variety of layout, style and colors.

  1. Settings - The settings tab includes the Site Title, Site Description, and a Notes field.
  2. Options - The options tab includes a variety of options for customizing the site; including changing the site layout, style and colors.
  3. Content - The content tab is organized into sections. Sections can be enabled or disabled and re-ordered using the drag and drop feature.



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