Saved search will be automatically sent to users when new listings match their saved search criteria. This autoresponder cannot be disabled. The prospects search criteria is queried daily. If there are new listings matching their saved search criteria and the prospect has enabled email alerts, then an email alert will be sent. Prospects can disable their email alerts using the Saved Search feature located on their dashboard. The user can customize the email alerts subject and message.

Using the CRM, searches can be saved for individual prospects. You can use the search form to query the IDX database for listings. On the search results page you can click the “Save Search” button to save the search query for a prospect.

You must Choose Prospect from the dropdown, and give the saved search a title.


By enabling “Email Alerts” you can automatically send email updates to the prospect when new listings match the prospects saved searches.

The email will contain encoded links to the listings. The encoded links will automatically login the user. See link below.

The auto login feature stores a cookie on the users device that will keep the user logged into the website. Once they click the link they will never have to login again, unless they delete their browser cookies.

Monday, February 27, 2017

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